Shehu Sani mocks FG over increase in electricity tariff as other Nigerians react

Senator Shehu Sani e1489869314652 Shehu Sani mocks FG over increase in electricity tariff as other Nigerians react

The increase in electricity tariff by the Federal Government just two months after the government through the National Electricity Regulatory Commission implemented a hike in November 2020, which saw widespread opposition, has generated a lot of reactions from Nigerians on social media.

The NERC had clarified on Tuesday that it had approved the price hike for all (low and high energy) consumer classes effective January 1, 2021.

According to social media users, the increased electricity price will lead to high rate of poverty in the country, noting the COVID-19 pandemic disease and insecurity situation in the country.

Here are some tweets: @ShehuSani: “Reducing the cost of data and increasing the tariff of electricity. What you saved from Brother Pantami you give to Brother Saleh.”

@Hailfinger1: “Dear President @MBuhari, today’s increase in electricity tariff barely 3 months after the last increment, in addition to the hike in fuel & other commodities is a clear testament of your administration’s disdain & hatred for Nigerians. It’s the height of insensitivity &wickedness.”

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@efeCamilus: “Government would say they want to encourage small businesses in the afternoon, at midnight they will increase electricity tariff. Allow the barber and petty trader to grow pls.”

@edoyakulo: “How can Nigeria progress when electricity has now become top tier luxury service? How can @NigeriaGov be using benchmarks of USA, Saudi, Canada to rationalize tariffs where a casual workers in those places could earn more than our professors? Is Nigeria set for Stone age?”

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